The Stables of

HM King Abdullah

Bin A'Aziz Al-Saud & Sons

Thoroughbred Horse

Horseracing & Breeding has always been a great passion in Saudi Arabia of which King Abdullah Bin A’Aziz is the principal patron. Thoroughbred Horse Racing in the Kingdom is regulated by the Riyadh Equestrian Club & up until 1994 all participating horses were imported from the US, Europe and South America. 

Under the direction of King Abdullah, the Saudi Arabian TB Stud Book was established in 1998. He introduced several incentives to promote TB Horse breeding including the allocation of prime real estate near the main racetrack that was specifically designated for horse farms. 

By 2008 over 700 TB foals were registered reflecting the huge advances in breeding that had occurred in the preceding ten years. 

Thoroughbred Horse Division 

The Thoroughbred Horses are divided into two divisions one is the Breeding Operation and the other is Horse Racing section.