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International Federation of Horseracing Authorities

The Emirates Racing Authority is the internationally recognised governing body for horse racing in the United Arab Emirates

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IFAHR was founded as a non-profit organisation (according to the French Law dated July 1st 1901) on the 11th of January 1999 in Paris, after subscription by the delegates of the founding member-countries of the statutes, for purpose of co-operation between all national and international Arab Horse Racing Associations throughout the world.

This show is governed by the ECAHO Rules for Conduct of Shows. It is an ECAHO-Affiliated Show and is organised under the rules and supervision of the King Abdul Aziz Arabian Horse Centre at Dirab, the Government Department for Arabian horses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Arabian Horse Network was created to meet the changing advertising needs of Arabian horse owners, exhibitors, breeders, trainers and horse enthusiasts