The Stables of

HM King Abdullah

Bin A'Aziz Al-Saud & Sons

Arabian Horses

The Arab horse is famous throughout the world and is closely associated with the history of Riyadh as the breed was first developed almost 3,500 years ago by nomadic tribes of the Najd Plateau. 

Pure, desert bred Arabian horse, whose lineage can be traced back to that Nejd dynasty are a rarity whose many qualities are revered by the Bedouin; loyalty, beauty, endurance, intelligence, speed & courage in battle. 

Traditionally Arab Royals and Tribal leaders have strived to collect and breed the best Arabian Horses and HM King Abdullah Bin A'Aziz Al-Saud is no exception having collected and bred Arabian Horses since his youth. 

His Arabian Horse Division, located within the Janadria Farm complex, is home to some of the world’s finest Arab Horses incl many of the rare ‘Desert Breds’. 

In all, there are approx. 300 horses within the unit with a core of 50 Broodmares and 10 Stallions. The depth of the Stallion lineup is truly impressive including three World Champions:

  • Monitor
  • Talladin
  • BJ Thee Mustapha 

Included also are many of the offspring of the late Korenec, the farms favourite stallion who died after a long illness in June 2009. As a European & All Nations Cup Junior Champion, his sons and daughters are some of the most successful show horses in the Kingdom.