The Stables of

HM King Abdullah

Bin A'Aziz Al-Saud & Sons


“For centuries our people have considered our horses to be one of our greatest treasures” King Abdullah Al Saud 

True to his word and the spirit of his countrymen His Majesty King Abdullah Bin A’Aziz Al Saud, a lifelong horse enthusiast, has steadfastly supported the establishment & development of all Equestrian pursuits within the Kingdom.

Having learned to ride at a young age King Abdullah prides himself in having groomed, trained and even shod his own horses during his youth. That enthusiasm for horses is manifested in his stables, the largest in the Kingdom, with over 1,000 horses spread throughout five divisions.
  • TB Horse Breeding
  • TB Horse Racing
  • Arabian Horse Breeding
  • Arabian Show Horses

Showjumping – directed by his grandson Prince Abdullah Bin Muteb, one the Kingdom’s leading young show jumpers

Despite his workload, King Abdullah visits his stables whenever possible, often finding brief slots between meetings. He visible relaxes when assessing young thoroughbred yearlings & is frequently overheard telling guests that “their whinnying is music to his ears.”

Janadria Farm is a large complex located in the suburbs of Riyadh, the Kingdom’s capital and is frequently referred to in the international press as King Abdullah’s ranch. This complex, which houses the King’s weekend residence, where he frequently hosts visiting heads of state, is also home to:

  • TB Horse Breeding Division
  • Arabian Horse Breeding & training Centre
  • Dairy Farm and Dairy Processing Facility
  • Sheep Rearing Unit
  • Horticultural Division